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Well well what can I say? Anyway, my real name is Alyssa. However, I heavily prefer if you call me Aly or some other nickname that you think suits me. Like it says above, I'm just some 14 year old homosexual girl who likes to draw and is into many fandoms. I tend to daydream and have a lot of creative ideas. I'm probably one of the most awkward person you'll ever meet, so don't let your hopes up. At all. But once you get to know me, I'll be the sweetest asshole. It's very likely I'm depressed so that's going to be fun alright. I'm currently looking forward to being an animator one day, and as of right now I suck at animations so woo wee. However, I'm trying to improve on that and my art.

++ fandoms;; eddsworld, five nights at freddy's, attack on titan, wreck it ralph, mystery skulls, over the garden wall, kirby, family guy, dhmis, panty and stocking, ultraviolet, into the wild, blindsided, the giver, etc. ++



Drawings that are colored in. Doesn't matter if it has background or not, and if it does you won't be charged extra. They will be drawn with my tablet and Sketchbook Express or Paint Tool Sai

Examples; ''It was good when it lasted~'' by get-off-the-sexiness bonnie by get-off-the-sexiness . : stocking : . by get-off-the-sexiness oh look I finally redid something by get-off-the-sexiness
Drawings, but not colored in and/or outlined. However, if you want, I could color it in if you'd like. They will be drawn with my tablet and Sketchbook Express or Paint Tool Sai

Examples; EDUARJON MKAY by get-off-the-sexiness well fuq by get-off-the-sexiness Silent Screaming by get-off-the-sexiness im a dik by get-off-the-sexiness
Pixels of yoself or anyone really mon
Can be from any fandom, but if I do not know the fandom I will ask, and if so, please tell me the fandom and I'll try the best I can
Drawn with Paint.NET and my mouse, not the tablet (;

Examples; SnK Kimwad by get-off-the-sexiness ''Where will you be waking up tomorrow morning?'' by get-off-the-sexiness this guy is probably plotting my death by get-off-the-sexiness Vanellope by get-off-the-sexiness
Self explanatory. For your icon. Can be doubles for other people

Mouse will be used, but program if anything will be Paint.NET. The border of the icons will be done on Free Online Image Editor or Paint.NET

Examples; Eridan avatar thingy by get-off-the-sexiness I rly wanna use these icons for me and Mimi aha by get-off-the-sexiness Buddy Avatars by get-off-the-sexiness


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you are seriously the best thing that has ever happened to me. i just, love you so much your cute and you don't make me feel like shit <3 whenever i feel depressed i think of you and all my problem seem to go away because of your beautiful smile

i dont care what my family will think of us once i tell them if they ever do disagree; what matters is that we love each other and i hope one day we can be together in peace

ilysm ((':

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ok two things
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woman how many times are you going to change your icon?
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